Two New and Official Facebook Groups

We just launched two facebook groups. One for the GAE:

One for Peaceful Science as a whole.

This discourse forum is unparalleled for in depth conversation that we can keep visible for the long hall. Facebook groups are different, and they are great for gathering a larger community.

Even if you prefer the forum,

  1. Please join these groups too.
  2. Invite your friends to these groups, and
  3. Send me PM if you want to be part of the moderator team.

The conversation is growing, and we are getting ready for the next phase. These groups already have a good number of people. Let’s see how big they might grow!

Here is a humorous take on GAE:



Yup, we just found the reference here: What is the Original Reference of this GAE Image?.

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Well, @gbrooks9, you now have two groups with 75 people each. What are you going to do now?! :slight_smile:


When I get a moment, I will want to ask a question or two, to seek opinions.

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