We Believe In Dinosaurs now available

As promised, I wanted to let everyone know that the documentary about Ken Ham, the Ark Encounter, and YEC in general is now available for streaming download!

It can be streamed on YouTube, Xfinity On Demand, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, and Dish. If you get a chance to watch, please review on those platforms as well as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

An excerpt from my review:

“I think it’s a mistake to accept that sort of fairy tale. The Bible warns about what will falsely be called science,” intoned the church elder.

“Wait, you don’t believe in dinosaurs?” I asked, confused.

His wife interjected. “We know they’ve dug up a lot of old bones, but that doesn’t mean anything. They probably just got mixed up putting the skeletons together, and ended up with this whole evolution, dino myth. It seems like a big distraction from the Adversary.”

I was dumbfounded. We believed in dinosaurs. We believed God had created dinosaurs on the sixth day, alongside Adam and Eve. We believed dinosaurs had been on Noah’s Ark. We believed there might even be a few dinosaur species surviving in remote jungles. After all, the world was only a few thousand years old.


I think biblical creationists should not believe in dinosaurs. i think it was a incompetent classification error from a few upper class brits and europeans . instead they could of been squeezed into existing/once existin KINDS of creatures. I think theropod dinos are just flightless ground birds for example.
i will seek this s how out but a panal discussion on it made me suspicious. Someone started saying YEC etc was racist and generally slandering creationists. i mean it started looking cheap and high schoolish.
More of a hack job then a rebuttal job.
Anyways it exists because modern creationism is a rising threat and so all publicity is good publicity in these matters.

And then we have nearly complete fossils like this baby ceratopsids, recently found in Alberta. I suppose you could describe it as a horned bird with four legs, but I think that would be an incompetent classification error. Baby Dinosaur Skeleton Unearthed in Canada | Live Science


@David_MacMillan, remind us about this please. Were you part of this project?


Yes, that’s right – I am featured in the documentary and I had previously posted about it.


David is also part of a panel discussion with the film makers.

Panel Discusses ‘We Believe in Dinosaurs’


I wonder what it says about me that this is the thing that bothered me the most about Robert’s comment.


I purchased and watched the movie yesterday. It was very good and very well done. The folks who wrote and directed it are the same who released The Believers, which was the story of Univ. of Utah’s Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishmann, who had convinced the world that they had discovered the secret to endless, nearly-free energy through cold fusion. This movie provided a compelling narrative and the directors were gracious in terms of telling all sides of the story. Our @David_MacMillan was one of the main stars of the movie and he explained how he went from a teenage supporter of not only YEC, but also the Creation Museum, to a disbeliever in the young-earth paradigm. Folks from the local town are also featured, because they were quite convinced that the Ark Experience would provide salvation from a devastating economy. The producers returned a year later to see whether or not it ended up as they had imagined. You can rent the movie on Amazon prime for about five dollars, or purchase it for twenty.


I watched it last night. I thought it was very well done and I was surprised at how much access the filmmakers were given to the museum and its staff.