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Sorry to hear of your wife’s problem. I would have thought there was a lesson to be learnt in how you are with your own kids.

I strongly feel that at some point we cease to be the children of our parents and must take responsibility for ourselves. As a parent myself, of course I am ready to support my adult daughter in any way I can. What I do not do is tell her what she should do. I offer advice when she asks, not when she doesn’t.

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References please. Post the papers please for discussions.

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There is nothing about Neanderthal or Denisovian archaeolog that contradicts evolution.

And your reference to fathers in amber supports other archaeology that some dinos had feathers.

Have you found any cows in dinosaur-period amber? I dont think so… nor will you.

(Greg) #215

I have this information…you can find easily on internet. It was a secular resource i believe. Are u interested in a fair barter? You had told me you had a scientific explanation for the problem of entropy and its demand that Something outside of the natural responsible for the creation of things like our sun and the stars. Fair trade to ask u for this in trade for the info u seek fr me?

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I have a resource that reveals a BIRD in amber w dinos. I think it was a neutral source but who knows anymore in the world of high traffic info. Arent there hundreds of mammal species found in the same rock layers as the dinos?

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Post it for all to discuss. We have an expert in Birds here - Dr. Mays

No, as you haven’t attained my trust yet that you barter fairly.

I never made such an assertion. Entropy of the universe from it beginning in a low entropy state at the time of inflation to a maximum entropy state in trillions of years from now is well explained. Nothing outside of natural is responsible for the creation of stars and our sun.

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Post it.

(Greg) #219

You say this:

I have studied thermodynamic entropy and information entropy and how it is related to the universe. It is clearly science. And God is not the only possible explanation, in fact, it is not even an explanation

Low entropy prior to high entropy does NOTHING to explain the problem of the necessity of the beginning of a sun. That is psuedoscience at it highest and representative of just more religion. How am i wrong?

You basically called me an idiot a few days ago for believing that Jesus is a true manifestation of the triune God who made the universe. Good recent history (in the scheme of things) books reveal Jesus healing, raising fr the dead, and coming back to life as reported by hundreds and calling the religious leaders, the pharisees, “a brood of vipers” and “white washed tombs” because they were leveraging faith about a real God to put money in their pockets and acclaim upon their name similar to many politicians of our day. Paul of Tarsus was one of those…he hated Christians and approved of at least one murder of one for no other reason than faith in this Jesus.

As history shows us, this Paul, most likely independently wealthy and extremely popular gets blinded, sees a vision of Jesus who cautions him,and is told to go meet His followers. Paul converts and begins a study of the Old covenant to determine how Jesus is indeed its fulfillment.

Stick w me…Paul then begins as a missionary. As a pharisee he was enriched by common folk. As a missionary, he chose to sew tents at night to pay for his livlihood in order to not give the remotest hint that his message of the resurrected Jesus who changed Him on the road to damascus was a fraud.

This message to me as a college student changed me too…it is not a blind faith, but one that is undergird with real historical accounts and a real God that explains our entropy problem.

Your faith says the problem with entropy and a beginning is because there was lower entrpy before higher entropy billions of years ago.

My faith rests upon the necessity of a higher being to explain entropy and recent history surrounding a man who claims to be God and so disrupted human history, causing oppressors to be converted to a demeanor of absolutely loving and caring for even the most discarded wounded sick and poor that the calender we use today is based upon the date of His birth!

The message of the cross is completely rational. But the message of the cross is humbling to the human soul who thinks that they are it. I used to think that way, but i looked to the cross for forgiveness of my sins and have not been the same since! What about you? Im not selling anything! I work a regular job for a living while talking to people like yourself because it is simply my pleasure. Peace friend

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Star formation in the universe beginning about 200 million years after the Big Bang is well understood science.

More Christian psychobabble.

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This is dismissive of his communication and shows you are not seeking to understand a position different then yours.

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Proselytizing is not appropriate here. He is preaching.

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Apologies for messed up comments. Will try Ctr + :frowning:

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I havent read any of the other posts… but i can tell you that no large mammals (cows, bears, rhinos, etc) have ever been found beneath the K/T layer. Below that layer are very small mammals that were too small to catch the interest of carnivorous dinosaurs.

What is most interesting is that the full sized creatures appear out of nowhere… unless the smaller versions of them offer an explanation!

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Since birds are a branch of dinosaurs… im not sure what you think this proves… other than Evolution…


(George) #238


Entropy is not really a limiting factor when a planet soaks up a bath of the Sun’s energy for 5 billion + years!

In another 5 billion years… you can begin to warn people of the sun dying out.

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Her problem was as a teen. We are almost 50 now. There are dozens of verses in Scripture that are wise beyond compare to do with sharing wise counsel to our youngins. One of the big 10 commandments says children honor parents…and the importance of gleaning wisdom from those older like parents who have made the mistakes so our youth dont do the same. One of the greatest ills in our American society is indicated by how our youth dont respect their elders…largely bc parents are uninvolved.

There is a fine line between a controlling parent and an involved parent. A contolling parent will put a kid on a guilt trip if they dont conform to a standard to largely increase accolades to that parent or to make that parent think they are really something. An involved parent wants to counsel their kids to prepare them from being devoured by the wolves of this world. One of the biggest tragedies of our culture today is the lack of involved parents. My wife and i continually surprised by the disrespect in children…

Ok. Im done. Look at proverbs for dozens of principles about good counsel.

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This is unrelated to the point i was trying to make. If the universe is charged w focused energy within the stars, sun, then there must have been a beginning. Its another thing all together to suggest that energy is able to design bio machines. Thats just as intellectually unreasonable as declaring no intelligence outside of nature explaning about what lit the universe to give it its start.

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Well at least im glad that at least Dr swamidass is willing to blind his evolutionary preconceptions enough to give what is pictured here about the coexistence of birds and dinos a fair shake

(Greg) #242

Come on Dr. Swamidass: your reply here about evolution not threatening the body of understanding of God’s providence is such a cop out. Did you know that,after the fall when someone murders another person, this is also under Gods providence? This does mean God can do evil. This does not mean that He recommends evil. This does not mean God created evil. But He will allowed it in this fallen world. He is outside of time. He resides in the past present and future simultaneously. We will never completely grasp the coorolation of man’s responsibility and Gods sovereignty but they are both in the Bible. All evil is not of God but by His disobedient creations who chose wrongly and He, the perfect holy God allows this all to occur Mind blowing. Of course He gave a provision in His Son.

Anyway, suggesting that evolution is potentially valid because it does not threaten Gods sovereignty is an absolutely useless validation for evolution. Instead, we must ask is the nature of evolution fitting the nature of a Biblical God? Evolution involves chance mutation. Mutations are many times neutral, many times bad and hardly ever beneficial for an organism. Is God a God who does His stuff by the roll of a dice? Does God even warrant humans to gamble. No and no.

Then you have selection. When a species does happen upon a mutation that makes it better than another, the other weaker version gets the boot. This means suffering. This means death. This means discarding the lowlife and welcomming the highlife. Theologically speaking, would God be a Creator who would use death, suffering and survival of the fitest in His creative purposes? That would be three “No’s” Death and suffering are a curse due to the disobedience of man and God shows Himself to be a God who cares for the weak and dowtrodden and who is just. In a court of law, when the smelly poor innocent guy wearing raggity clothes comes in along with the rich guilty guy who owes the section 8 complex the poor guy lives within, guess who goes to prison when God is the judge? You know it! In fact, that was Jesus’ main bone to pick w the pharisees: they tithe 10%, obeyed the big 10, but denied justice and mercy. This from Mt 23:23-24 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. 24 You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

Evolution that is God creating in any way comparable to the darwinian version is theological pig slop. It is not in the Bible as a direct revelation of how God created, it is unbiblical in principle and it is not fitting the character of the Only God, the God described in the Bible. Christians need to read their Bibles carefully to understand the true nature of God before succombing to an unproven…and really unprovable worldview of evolutionary creationism that so readily opposes His nature.

The only way out of this trap i see is for the evolutionary model to incorporate God directly intervening in evolution in every step of the way via the supernatural miracle of giving traits to His creation for surviving a harsh world. By this time you may as well bask in exactly what God says He did do on Creation week: He created animals according to their kinds, male and female and all the rest.

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