Welcoming Dr. Gary Hurd, and Nethar6


(Dan Eastwood) #1

We have two new members, @anon63142984 and @Nethar6, who were unwise enough to come here afer I invited them. :wink:
Gary is a long-time advocate for evolution, even getting a mention at the Dover v Kitzmiller trial.
Nethar6 is a graduate student, and helped moderator my Darwin’s Bulldogs community on G+.

Please welcome them, and help them become accustomed to Discourse, which can be confusing new users.

(Mikkel R.) #2

Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #3

Welcome @anon63142984 and @Nethar6. What type of science are you excited about?



(Curtis Henderson) #6

Welcome to the both of you!

I thought G+ was a myth?! :rofl:

(Dan Eastwood) #7

Well it soon will be. :frowning:

G+ showed great promise, with great content control (who sees what and what you see) and interest-based discussion rather that friend-based discussion. As one person put it, “FB is for people you know, and G+ was for people you’d really like to know.” Sadly Google never gave it the kind of support it needed, and it’s been clear G+ is/was on it’s way out for a few years now.

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #8

@anon63142984, just a question about your credentials. What is your PhD in?

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