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Welcome to the forum @Jety. Tell us about yourself?


If I have one aspiration in life it is to develop the ability to relate science to people in a way that my grandma could understand it.

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One of the better science writers I have come across is Carl Zimmer. He is one of the few journalists that consistently gets the science right, and I can’t think of anyone better to model yourself after than Zimmer. You can check out a few of his articles over at Quanta Magazine:



To have any hope of doing that you need to learn and understand the science yourself first.


I have a decent ability to do so. The hard part is to make sure that there is no deception involved on either side of a particular issue.

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It’s more likely I’ll learn it if I think it’s important.

I think you may be on to something.

When someone claims that IDCreationists and evolutionary biologists are just interpreting the same evidence in different ways, is that someone being deceptive?

Well how are IDCreationists interpreting the evidence? What’s their model? I don’t think they have one.

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