Welcoming Jim

Welcome to the forum @Jim. Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a managing partner in a small business that has both commercial and rental properties. I enjoy discussing worldview questions (I’m a Christian, surprise :slight_smile:) with those who respectfully challenge my position and find that it helps me to get a better grasp on the issues I’m concerned with. At times I do engage with those who aren’t so gentle in their communications but try to spend the bulk of my time discussing with those I feel are more interested in trying to understanding my position while at the same time are forthright in disagreeing with it. I figure the best way to see if my views hold up under scrutiny is putting them out there to be criticized. I think I’ve learned a lot that way, at least more than if I never had put them to the test.


So are you a YEC, an OEC, TE? ID or what? =)

LOL! I’m a whatever makes the most sense to me ist. From a Biblical perspective I lean towards YEC, but I haven’t always been very convinced by the scientific claims they make. I see arguments in pretty much all of them that I find plausible, so I am pretty much open to any of the alternatives if I find arguments for them that I consider compelling. :slight_smile:

You are even open to evolution?

Sure, why not. But honestly, so far, I don’t find it all that compelling.

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