Welcoming Rumraket


(S. Joshua Swamidass) #1

Continuing the discussion from Why I Am an ID Proponent:

Welcome to Peaceful Science. We are glad to have you here.

Can you tell us more about yourself @Rumraket? What brings you here, and what is your professional training?

(T J Runyon) #2

@Rumraket is one of the best and knowledgeable commenters out there. Glad to see him here

(Mikkel R.) #3

Thank you for the welcome. I have been aware of this forum for some time but had not checked in for awhile, but recently saw a lot of interesting discussions going on here. What made me register are those discussions and the fact that some people who’s input and knowledge I respect also seem to comment here.
Another plus on this forum for me is that it doesn’t seem to be swarmed by [unhelpful contributions]. I also think this website has a good layout that gives a nice overview of active discussions.

I am merely a laboratory technician and I work with cell and molecular biology mostly in medical research. I grow and maintain cell and virus cultures, perform experiments on them, besides more mundane tasks required for keeping a lab running.

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(Mikkel R.) #4

Thank you for the kind words, I must admit I don’t recognize your name. Have we frequented other discussion boards together?

(Dave Carlson) #5

Rumraket is one of (several) commenters who I’ve enjoyed reading over at the Skeptical Zone. I’m glad he’s here!

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #6

@Rumraket, so you are in molecular biology. What is your views in religion?

(Mikkel R.) #7

I’m an atheist. I was some sort of christian up until my mid twenties, though in all honesty I never took it very seriously and always had serious doubts about the whole thing.

The Relationship Between Math and Physics
(T J Runyon) #8

I’ve been more of an observer until here recently

(Dan Eastwood) #9

Welcome to PS! Beer in the 'fridge, help yourself. :slight_smile:

(Neil Rickert) #10

I know Rumraket from TheSkepticalZone where he often make interesting comments.


(Blogging Graduate Student) #11

Would you consider making a thread here along the lines of this one you made on the LoR? I think it would be a really interesting subject to discuss.

(Retired Professor & Minister.) #12

Welcome to Peaceful Science, Rumraket. I can definitely appreciate what you wrote:

What is design? I’ve spent years trying to answer that question. I’m not so sure that I’ve made much progress. Yes, human designs are usually obvious. Is a pile of rocks “designed”? Unless it is a very carefully arranged pile of rocks, many would say no. Yet, if crystalline structures are examined, and even the individual molecules and atoms within them, many would say yes. Of course, for those who believe God created everything, that implies that design exists in everything. And if everything is designed, nothing is non-designed, and the label doesn’t seem all that useful. I’m still sorting through that.

What are the criteria which distinguish designed and not-designed things? Thus far, I’ve not found ID treatment of that topic convincing. Even so, I’m very open to the best arguments, from all possible viewpoints. I’m glad you’ve joined us to share your perspective.

(Curtis Henderson) #13

Ah, yes! I couldn’t remember where I’d seen the handle before, so thanks for the insight.


Welcome Rumraket!