Welcoming Trebilco

@ThomasTrebilco, great to see you here. Welcome! Would tell everyone about yourself?

Hi Joshua, thanks for the welcome!

I’m a PhD candidate in Psychology at Flinders University in South Australia. My project is focusing the the Psychology of Reproduction, specifically on the link between psychosocial stress and risk of infertility. I am also doing some research in Behavioural Genetics, where I am taking part in an investigation of a possible mechanism for cross-generational epigenetic inheritance of traits in humans.

I’m also a Christian. Specifically, I affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ for which I have come to believe on the basis of both personal revelation (experience of the divine) and corroborating evidence in Philosophy, Theology and History. I was raised in a Christian household as a protestant under a pentecostal tradition which has (indirectly) taught me to value the creeds on which much of the modern faith is built. In this respect, I do my best to identify with a Christian orthodoxy to honour the work of the saints before us, but above all, to honour God.

My interest in peacefulscience comes from being dissatisfied with the nature of dialogue between Christians, and between Christians and wider society when it comes to the relationship between science and religion. I have a particular dissatisfaction for the way in which Christians tend to dialogue on the topic of evolution and its consistency with Genesis. I find that it is too often tarred with a hostile dichotomy that (falsely) makes people feel as though they must choose between a faith in God, or an acknowledgement of science and nature.

For me, peacefulscience represents a way to cut to the heart of these issues in a way that is both constructive and productive. I see it as a platform that carries with it a very strong ability to make progress on the subjects that give rise to the debates mentioned above, and above all show the world that it is possible to love both God and science without hefty intellectual compromise.

It’s an honour to be here :slight_smile: