What A Disaster at a Fertility Clinic

Dr Cleary then sent his own DNA to Ancestry.com and discovered that he had at least 17 offspring born through his sperm donations.

In the lawsuit, Dr Cleary says he is “profoundly distressed” as he wades through the “moral, legal, ethical, and personal obligations” he now feels toward those 17 children.

At least two of his offspring have attended the same schools as the children he raised with his wife, according to the lawsuit.

Ms Allee said: “I’m expecting my third child right now of my own. The idea of my children having dozens and dozens of cousins that will be their ages and in the area is concerning for my children as well as myself.”

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“My kids could potentially be friends with, or later on date, cousins…” she said. “Some siblings went to the same schools at one point.”

“Could be churches, basketball games, pot lucks,” said CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas.

“Yeah, you just don’t know,” Allee said.

“My grandkids are going to have to get DNA kits before they seriously date,” Cleary said. “That’s a problem.”

Is 17 radically different than 5? It seems like all the same issues would apply to 5.

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17 and likely more, and also in the same state he lives in. They promised all would be out of state and there would be no more than 5.

I imagine that’s going to be hard to prove.

Any way you slice it, it a whole new take on the Birthday Problem. :frowning: