What happened to Unread

Within the last 24hrs or so it seems like the Unread tab/link/list at the top of the forum seems to have gone missing. I used it quite a bit. Was this an intentional change or just a bug of some sort?


I’m trying to figure it out, too. It seems that the home screen is now defaulting to “Top” which are the top posts for the quarter, when it used to default (for me at least) to “Latest”… The “unread” are still bolded so, if you click on “Latest” you can differentiate between those threads containing posts yet unread, but I agree, it is not as user-friendly now.

Yes. I had to create a new bookmark so that the “Lastest” topics is my semi-default display mode.

I noticed the change, too. I changed back to “Latest” as the Default by going to settings -> Interface -> Default Home Page.

Also, it seems that now we can use the title of “Regular” (I tried it out, and accidentally got rid of my custom Josh-given title of “Physics Graduate Student”).

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Site updat…

What is this new “votes” thing? Apparently each user can only have 8 votes.


You slowly accrue more votes over time. They are a way for us to start identifying the best topics, as votes are also a limited resource

You can see a list of vote sorted topics here:


Let’s see how it goes. We can try this for a time and see how it goes.

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