What if "Science" by itself can't see the forest for the trees?

I am privileged to share this forum with so many others who study the phenomena of nature closely, and who come away with, first and foremost, a sense of wonder…
Here’s the trailer for a new Illustra Media film. Pooh pooh the narration, if you will, but just look at what it points to…



Could you just tell me who exactly are the Illustra Media?


They do a lot of nature = design movies.


So, are they part of ID, or something? I saw WLC in trailer so I don’t think so but better to ask.

I think that is their position, yes… They have been involved in some of the DI movies, too. Some connection.

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So, maybe there is no direct affiliation, but I think that they produced a video like “Undeniable” or something similar that was posted on the DI or EN site. I’m pretty sure I followed the links through at the end and found their site, linked above. The work that I’ve seen was top notch!

I just watched the trailer and saw that our friend @Agauger Ann Gauger is featured… :slight_smile:


I thought that might be her. Wasn’t certain though…

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I’m 99% sure… though it did not say so… I’m sure she will correct me if I was wrong…

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Terrible use of the scientific achievements of mankind. This video couldn’t be used in a science class in a public school. Complete overreach of religion from the gains of human innovation.

Do you mean the applied scientific achievements of humankind that are a direct result of God creating humanity “in His image?”
That it “wouldn’t be allowed in a public classroom” is hardly a comment on its veracity or cogency. They don’t show videos of childbirth, either.
It is, after all, a forest for the trees problem.
Thanks for your thoughts too, @Agauger !
I am simply incapable of assuming that human cognition just happened by accident, but you are free to disagree, @Patrick .
We all need to be willing to venture outside our own bubbles more often.

That seems unlikely. If you are incapable then you wouldn’t even know what you are disagreeing with. IOW: You are more capable than your claim. :wink:

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No; I literally am incapable of assuming something so demonstrably false. I am more capable than your claim!