What Reconciliation Looks Like

From The Gospel Coalition…

I think the practical experience of reconciliation (as opposed to the spiritual achievement of reconciliation through faith in Christ) entails six experiences together in our local congregations and our personal friendships. They are:

The first one is:

Common truth telling . About history. About our forbears. About the effects of injustice and sin against others. About the asymmetrical participation of individuals and groups in that common history. About Jesus, the Bible, and sanctification. Truth—both capital “T” and little “t” truth—is absolutely foundational to any effort at putting back together any estranged or frayed relationship. Without truth we build on sand and delusion. Unless we inhabit the same true stories we will find it nearly impossible to emerge with a common sense of reconciliation.

Consider the source of this article and be glad.

Notice, a key to Reconciliation is coming to a common origin story.