When Critics Start Advertising Off Your Name

Well this is pretty entertaining. BioLogos is running ads keyed to my name, trying to grow their audience off the success of The Genealogical Adam and Eve. After opposing it for so long, I’ll take it as a complement. Maybe one day they might even warm up to the idea!


I guess they are no longer critics!

Unfortunately they still are critics. They say the GAE conflicts with the BioLogos approach so they won’t present it. Advertising off my name is entirely consistent with that policy, and might even dupe a lot of people. In the end, I think they see success, and want to benefit from it, even though they do disagree.


Hey, it’s publicity for you too. There’s no bad publicity, or so I’ve heard.

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No, that is not publicity for me. The ad only comes up when people are already indicating search intent for “swamidass.”

What they are doing here is an excellent strategy for leaching interest off an idea or person you disagree with, without inadvertently advertising it to your own audience. Case in point, the article they link to was not ever sent to their mailing list, and most BioLogos supporters will never see it.

Yes, but then they go to Biologos to see articles about you. That’s publicity.

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True. In this case it is misleading, but some publicity, even misleading publicity, is good publicity. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get an add, but a Biologos article critiquing GAE.

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They do monitor the forum. Maybe they turned the ad off after they saw this thread.

That series of reviews was interesting. Two of the people they asked to review the book are not evolutionary creationists, which is odd given that it’s BioLogos. To date, there is only one BioLogos affiliate that reviewed the book (and another that endorsed it). So they are largely quiet about it.

They also did not send the reviews out to their mailing list, and have not written anything about it since then.

This makes sense with what they’ve told me. They really disagree with the GAE because it conflicts with BioLogos’ preferred theology, philosophy, and hermeneutics.

So they are being careful not to draw any attention to it, except when it might be useful as a stalking horse.

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