When does the resurrection take place once we cross out of time?

I plan to present three views of the resurrection. The theories involve different views of God and time. I hope you find these topics interesting and will participle in them.

Eternity speaks not of “the last day” but Today. United Methodist Church

I am the resurrection and the life. Returning to our question of the where and when of the dead, we experienced human deaths one after the other in time. Augustine dies, then Catherine of Siena, then Luther, then Wesley, then Mother Teresa, and on goes the line. When does God raise them from the dead and give to them glorified bodies? Immediately. Death does no have one second’s worth of victory over them. But it is also true that they rise, along with all the other saints, together at the same time. Remember that in the universe of Einstein anything can be done. We will continue with another view tomorrow.

Southern Baptist Convention Dr. Billy Graham

The disciples recognized Moses and Elijah, although they did not yet have their resurrection bodies. This will be explained later. They had recognizable bodies; they were not disembodied, ghostly apparitions. We will go to heaven immediately, and we will recognize and be recognized. Do some believers have glimpses of love ones as they approach the gates of heaven? I believe it is possible. When my grandmother was dying she sat up in her bed, smiled, and said, "I see Jesus, and he has His hand outstretched to me. And there is Ben and he has both of his eyes and both of his legs. My grandfather had lost a leg and an eye at Gettysburg. Death has two stages, first the separation of the body from spirit of a person for a purely spiritual existence, and second, reunion with the body and a glorious resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ.

On of the big question in theology. Some take the sleeping view, others take the present with God view. Not sure we have clear resolution.

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I shall continue tomorrow with dichotomy, i.e., separation of the spirit from the body until the resurrection. That is why there is a number 3 with nothing beside it. The UMC view is the scientific one dealing with the time and space theories of Albert Einstein. I shall use the views with I can most agree. Oh. Dr. Joshua, did you get my personal message? Your brother in Adonay.

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