Who cares if religion is true if it makes us feel good?

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The apostle Paul would agree with Coyne quite a bit.

I did not read Asma’s article, but if Coyne’s portrayal of Asma’s arguments are faithful, then Asma’s arguments are ridiculous. Certainly most religions make truth claims, and most (all?) religious people do believe these truth claims.

That said, the position that the truth of religion being irrelevant to its importance can be made logically coherent. For example, a nihilist might act as if they are religious, and might even find religion to be personally important even though they do not believe in the truth of the religion. This is just their way of facing the Absurd.

Inasmuch as every normative statement that underlies the importance of any human activity has to be either taken axiomatically or the result of another axiom, I can come up with many logically coherent positions where religion is important even if its truth value is unknown.