Why Christianity is the Worldview that Best Supports Science

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How do you know the source is absolute truth? How do you receive this absolute truth? Try to be less cryptic. And no, you can’t say you know the source is absolute truth because it’s absolute truth; that’s circular.

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God is the Source. I presumed that that would be inferred from the capital ‘S’ – I was not intentionally trying to be cryptic. God is the source of absolute truth and the source of absolute truth is God. That is analogous to an identity in math and is not circular.

You receive it by humbling yourself before him and asking him to show himself to you.

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“Anyone who chooses to believe in a Universal Creator is standing on ground as solid as a scientist who denies Creative Purpose as First Cause. Because of the laws these same scientists have discovered, there is absolutely no way to tell what made it happen. Whatever you choose is an act of pure faith.” - Stephen Hawking

It is not an act of pure faith to recognize that God exists and is the Creator. There is plenty of evidence.

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I don’t know how much you know about the Gospel… Pilate was asking that question of Jesus, the Christ, shortly before he condemned him to death on a cross.

So part of being humble before God is confessing our own disobedience to his good rules of love, and accepting his free forgiveness through Jesus’ love.

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How exactly does he show himself? How do you know that it’s real?

Sorry, but there isn’t. Attempts to align the 7 days of creation with actual science are nonsense. We’ve been over that already. And I note that this story differs in several ways from your previous story.

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Total BS. Science is about finding provisional truth.

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Looks like you have nothing to offer in the way of scientific discussion (i.e peaceful science) and are just here to witness. Please don’t waste our time and yours.


Here is a chart:


In another poll from 2008, 36% of Americans believe in YEC. There were only 600 participants, but it is still quite striking that the percentage is that high.

I would fully agree that it is much more complex than just religion.

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That looks interesting - I’ll make time to read it later. It appears to fit my observation that belief is a subjective experience. That is - some people set the standards for belief a lot higher than others.

If Atheism is a religion then OFF is a TV channel. - somebody

“>Atheism is a non-prophet organization.” - George Carlin

The problem with Carlin’s quote is it proposes “organization” which also does not exist, but it’s still a great one-liner.

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Fascinating survey and graphic.

It’s interesting that of all of the segments of Christianity surveyed, only one showed a majority who said “humans always existed in present form.” (I would have guessed, for example, that “historically black Protestant” church affiliates would have favored that position by a majority but they did not.)

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It is, of course a matter of faith, but you will know when it is real. Recall what I said about humility. I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be real, barring that.

It would not be unreasonable to think that God has some rights, and it would not be unreasonable at all to think that one of those rights would be to expect, even demand, humility from us.

Speaking of demanding and humility, we also cannot demand or specify how he must reveal himself to us. The Bible is a complicated book, and that God elected to use the pens of men to reveal objective truth about himself, truth that we cannot deduce from nature, I think may be a test of our humility, to be able accept it as revelation.

He has frequently of late, I understand, used visions to introduce himself to Muslims in the Mideast. He uses a variety of means to communicate and open blind spiritual eyes and unstop spiritually deaf ears. He used a book, for instance (and speaking of Islam in the Levant), through which an Iraqi Muslim became a Christian (it opens with the death of the author’s toddler sister in their farmyard, hit by a delivery truck, when the author was only five):

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You never did really understand the graphic.

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To which story(ies) are you referring?

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I was not referring to science.

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You may have missed this or forgotten?:

About Peaceful Science
“A dialogue between science and theology, to understand and be understood.”
(About - Peaceful Science)

And our time will not be wasted if it affects someone’s eternity positively.

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I think that’s the operative part of your reply. So you’re abandoning the bit about reason, then. I don’t have a problem with that, but don’t go back to claiming there’s evidence.
But I see a few more claims:

I presume you know that’s true based purely on faith, right?

I think we’ll just let that one pass.

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I’m assuming that all that humility is only for interactions with God, not other people.

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A child of the King can certainly be confident of his position, and that probably will come off as lack of humility to many.

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Somebody else want to take this? I’m out.

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