WLC Wonders About Genealogies

These are some of the reasons I lean toward a recent AE, if I were forced to choose:

Poor Rebecca, I hope she has access to good education in the critical thinking, science and technology skills that one needs to have a comfortable and meaningful life in the modern secular scientific world of 2020.

You don’t find the answer convincing?

I see enough plausible ways to think of AE it’s hard to settle on one.

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That seems like you avoiding an answer. If those (presumably the genealogy problems) are reasons you lean toward a recent AE, you must not find the answer given to be convincing. You can’t just say “I think they’re both very nice”, since you’ve already expressed an opinion.

Not the genealogies, but the questions about Jesus. At the same time, I see where WLC is coming from.

The first sentence doesn’t parse, and I don’t understand it. Nor do you seem to have answered the question.