World's biggest T. rex discovered

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I had been through this blog. These terror birds are just the same types of creatures called theropod dinosaurs. there is no difference save in teeth or minor details.
By the way the picture shows a marsupial lion. This is important because its from S american fossils. I understand they try to say THIS marsupial lion, big teeth and all. is not related to the australian marsupial lion. The distance and timelines firce them to this conclusion. Its all wrong of coarse. its just abother cat with a pouch. i agree it probably only developed the pouch etc after entering S america and is not related to the australian one. just the same mechanism had the same effect.
The classification concepts got in the way of accuarate scientific investigation into biological relationship and origins.

Evidence has a way of “forcing” scientists to conclusions which disagree with yours.

So then, at least you recognize evolutionary processes when it comes to pouches.

You have patience of a saint.

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Or, at least, a sense of humor.

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No. Nothing to do with Darwinian evolutionism. Nothing to do with selection on mutation plus time.
Creatonists do accept biological change in great or minor ways. peoples looks are case in point.
We do agree with mechanisms for bodyplan changes but not from old school evolutionism.
Imagination with biblical boundaries allow options.
The S american cat things is a important point to debunk marsupials are separate order of creatures but instead the same kinds/types of creatures as elsewhere but with minor local special adaptations.
The matter is classification based on lumping/splitting traits.
They did a poor job in the past. like everything else eh.