YEC Global Flood model going to the Dogs in Americas

First dogs in the Americas arrived from Siberia, disappeared after European contact.The oldest dog remains in the Americas date to about 9,000 years ago, many thousands of years after people began migrating over a land bridge connecting present-day Siberia and Alaska. The ancient dogs analyzed in the new study likely originated in Siberia, the researchers found. The dogs dispersed to every part of the Americas, migrating with their human counterparts.

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And now the goats get in on disproving a global flood within last 8000 years.

Ancient genome analyses reveal mosaic pattern of goat domestication thousands of years ago

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Wolves and Dogs are both the “end points” of canine evolution… with Dogs having a lengthy exposure of human involvement in how they developed in partnership with human society!

In other words, dogs do not descend from Wolves.

Wolves and Dogs, are “cousin populations” - - sharing a common ancestor that no longer exists.

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Sure agree with sharing a common ancestor that no longer exists. Are Dogs and Wolves now considered different species or variations of one species?

My point of posting this was the continuity of dogs in Americas over 9000 years. No dog bottleneck of two after a supposed global flood 4350 years ago.

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Like the logic. That’s why Australia is a nuclear-powered version of the argument.

How did we end up with a giant island full of marsupials if they all came from the same ark as the placentals?!?!?!

Australia is the exemplar of one leg of the TRIAD.
The other leg of the TRIAD is giant marine reptiles drowning before proto-cows and proto-sloths drown.
The 3rd leg of the TRIAD is hundreds of thousands of corroborating ERV’s in existing genome lineages.