Your favorite commenter

Its time to tag your favorite commenters on PS. If possible, add a brief note explaining why you value or hold in high regards the comments of those you choose.

My favorites are @Rumraket, @Mercer and @AllenWitmerMiller, @John_Harshman and @sfmatheson

Rum’s comments on science or atheism are generally well articulated and relatively easy to understand. His command of basic concepts in molecular biology and evolutionary theory are highly commendable: I once thought he was into active molecular biology research based on his comments at Larry Moran’s Sandwalk blog, until he updated me with accurate details. Overall, he is a fun person to dialogue with and there are nuggets of knowledge one gets from conversing with him.

Mercer’s comments are typically straight to the point especially in discourse about science. Reading his comments allows you to keep track of whether the important claims made by someone have been scrutinized using the best data available. His comments focus on the most crucial demand in any scientific conversation, which is good evidence. Needless to say, his wealth of experience from decades of molecular biology research clearly shows in his comments related to it.

I have three other favorites, but these two reviews should suffice. Let’s know yours.

PS: if you have favorite lurkers as well, include them in your list.


@Puck_Mendelssohn by far.


I’d like to nominate @thoughtful . I think she is a good representative of YECs in general, with her sincerity of belief shining through where others fail.

@AllenWitmerMiller is a treasure, 'nuff said.

Need we mention our host?

My favorite lurker is @BigGaloot. :slight_smile:


Same here. I think we need to allow spots for our favorite lurkers.


Really? :relaxed: You didn’t make my day or anything :wink: actually I’m sitting outside and the sun is shining a bit through the clouds, even though it was supposed to be a rainy day and my boys are getting to watch an excavator next door. Doesn’t get much better day than this.

I would say @Dan_Eastwood because he’s always a gentleman. @Rumraket because he’s always detailed so I learn a lot, and if he makes it personal it’s definitely the exception rather than the rule. @swamidass because he’s sure to challenge everyone on something. @CrisprCAS9 because he’s always eager to slap down YEC claims and I have the inkling it’s more than just a debate for him; it might be a passion for science and improving science education and society. @John_Harshman because he’s a curmudgeon but yet likeable. @Michelle and @stlyankeefan because they are just nice, knowledge, and friendly ladies.


Awww :blush:. Thank you!


@Rumraket. Very detailed posts. Explains things very well. Also provides very useful sources


Thanks! I wish I had the patience to produce @Rumraket’s detailed explanations.


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