7 Things Outspoken Atheists Are Sick of Hearing

Maybe you should add 7 outspoken atheists people are sick of hearing?


LOL, that’s how I read it the first time, had to re-read it after I saw it was @Patrick who posted it.


It just go to show you how we hear and see what we want to hear and see. :sunglasses:


I thought it was a surprisingly good list. It’s nice when people do these types of lists and make them informative without being insulting.

I wonder what the “confessing scientist” version might be?

  1. You really do believe; you’re just in denial.
  2. You’re just mad at God.
  3. You just want to be able to sin freely.
  4. You must be amoral, because God is the only source of morality.

Just off the top of my head.


I thought 5, 6, and 7 were the best. 2 and 3 I would push back on in general but I get where she’s coming from.

These are ones I do see a fair amount, especially 9 and a combo of 10 & 11.

Interestingly 10 (or very near it) is used often within Christianity during “tradition” fights regarding disagreements around eternal security/once-saved-always-saved/salvation-by-works .

11 is interesting because Christians have a decent history of being immoral despite God being the only source of morality. While knowing the grounding of morality is an interesting and important conversation, surely it’s more important to actually be moral.