Darwin Devolves: The End of Evolution? ( 2 ) [Office Hours] (30)

@NLENTS, Richard Lenski, and @swamidass reviewed Darwin Devolves by Micheal Behe. Our review is coming out on Thursday (February 7th) at 2pm. Comment on the main thread here: https://discourse.peacefulscience.or…

Soft Launching Patreon [Front Porch] (8)

Continuing the discussion from Should we Patreon?: Alright, we are going to give this a shot, with a soft launch. I think, if we can get started here, it will increase our changes of getting foundation funds. Please …

I Agree With Behe ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Peaceful Science] (91)

I want to affirm again my common ground with Behe. Dialogue is only possible if we keep our common ground in view, and we have much of common ground. The review is just about 750 words, so it requires clarificatio…

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