Of Apes and Artificial Minds: What Does it Mean to be Human? [Public Square] (9)

This coming October I will be giving an invited lecture at Hong Kong University at the Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum (http://faithandscience.hku.hk). There will be satellite talks on my scientific work, …

What is "Reconciliation"? What is "Peace"? ( 2 3 ) [Peaceful Science] (46)

We are Peaceful Science. Some people find “Peaceful” to be a negative word, implying a weak willed complacency, and inability to press for important things. Those have been around know that know this is NOT the peace of…

Jeremy Smith: I Disagree with Dr. Swamidass [Public Square] (20)

My friend, Jeremy Smith, runs FaithAscent, and took the risk of inviting as a speaker me to their high school camp (Base Camp) for two years in a row. This month, I am keynoting their fundraising banquet, and here is how…

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