A Few Great Biologists at BioLogos

I used to be one of them, right? Not any more, but I was there for a while.

Praveen Sethupathy is the real deal. He is a tenured professor at Cornell, a cancer biologist, who was a post doc under Francis Collins. I have an immense amount of respect for him as a scientist.

Jeff Hardin is chair of zoology at U Wisc, and also a well respected and accomplished scientist, and is chairman of the BioLogos board. He, also, is the real deal. Hardin, Jeff – Department of Integrative Biology – UW–Madison

@sygarte is a big deal, with an H-index greater than 50, and over 200 peer review publications, ‪Seymour Garte‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Jennifer Wiseman is on their board, and leader of the Hubble Program, though not a biologist.

Ard Louis is an active scientist, though in physics, not biology, and he is in Europe. Ard Louis - Wikipedia

There are probably a couple more. I’m sure I do not have the comprehensive list. As I said, it is a “handful”, and perhaps only 3 or 4 accomplished biologists. Ironically, none of us have any real say at BioLogos. Collins and Sethupathy are less engaged with BioLogos policy that even I am. When I was in BioLogos’s good graces, I was not once consulted on scientific question. When conflict arose, they trusted Dennis Venema over me, and still do.

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