A Few Great Biologists at BioLogos

That is not true. Factually speaking, JTF is very anti-ID.

The only case I know of was a sub-grant made without their approval from a larger parent grant that they awarded. They did not have control or knowledge of the sub-granting decision, as I understand it.

There is an interesting legitimate science effort I know that they are about to fund, @Patrick. It will be their largest grant ever. You are going to love it. It may change your view of them. It is currently confidential, so I can’t say anything further. Just watch the news on this one. You are going to like this.

And to be clear, I get no funding from Templeton for my research (see Who Sponsors Peaceful Science? - #7), and am not part of JTF in any way. I just happened onto this information in a conversation who is “in the know.”