AI resources for general audiences

So, I’m going to be running a student “small group” this fall, as a part of our Spiritual Formation system, called “Exploring Science & Faith”. I’ve identified 2 topics I want to just do brief intros on: David Reich’s work and how it applies to race and racism, and AI and how it can challenge our understanding of mind/soul/ethics, etc.

My question to you all is what resources might be good to help a general college student audience think about, especially, the ethical consideration around Artificial Intelligence?

So far I’ve thought about perhaps giving them the ERLC statement and @swamidass’s op ed to see discussion that’s not just Christian vs atheist.


That would be interesting to see their reaction too. Also, this could be good: Of Apes and Artificial Minds: What Does it Mean to be Human?.

Work by Noreen Hertzfield is quite good. I highly recommend:

Here is another interesting article: Your Brain Is Not a Computer | Christianity Today.

As we are developing our approach on this, interactions with students are always helpful. I hope you could, first, keep track of how things progress and what we can learn from it. Also, I am happy to join a meeting to answer questions or give a talk over Zoom with them once or so.


So happy to hear that you are going to discuss David Reich’s work on ancient DNA and human migration.
I would be interested to hear how it goes. Ancient DNA research is a fast changing subject. I will be on the look out for any new results that come out during the semester to make you aware of. That is what is great about being on the cutting edge of ancient genome science, new results are coming fast and furious that grows our understanding and surprises us greatly.