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I read [the original post] twice. I am failing to make a connection as to what problem in evolutionary biology are you trying to solve. Can you please articulate what the problem is in the science and what are your propose solution. Are you trying to better define what constitutes a species/genus/order? And for what reason? Why is it so important to precisely define each category in Linnaeus taxonomy? What will that do for evolutionary biology?

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How would you handle the several Neanderthal/Sapiens/Denosivan localized breeding events of the past 40,000 years?

And then, once admixture at 40,000 years ago is explained, go back to say 500,000 years, then 1 million years and figure out all those unknown breeding events between numerous unknown and known species or kinds of hominids that left their mark differently on the genomes of all people living today.

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Do you know what Baraminology is in YEC? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Created_kind @AJRoberts is suggesting doing something similar in OEC. The idea is to discern the boundaries between created kinds. I think it is a very challenging thing to do with many pitfalls. You’ve already put your finger on one:

For example there is that. But perhaps more fundamentally the effort can be self defeating too.

Honestly, I am not sure how to overcome that on a sociological level. If there are limits to evolution, they are not clear. So there may always be disagreement among OECs regarding them, which then undermines the claim that their are clear lines. It might even lead to the situation we are seeing in YEC, where Kurt Wise denies evolution, but proposed that whales evolved (by natural processes) from land animals.

OEC and RTB is a different beast than YEC. So it is possible they might be able to navigate it. However, their tent includes everyone from @Guy_Coe (who affirms common descent) to Hugh Ross (who appears to deny most speciation). I’m not sure how it is possible to settle that range of views.

EvoBio, ID, and OEC. Where to go from here?
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