Assessing the Reasons to Believe Model

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This is a clear ministry opportunity TOWARDS RTB, is how I read this.

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I suppose its legitimate. They aren’t breaking any laws. They are talking about real insecurity that people have.

I just think that the Resurrection, God’s work in history to reveal himself, is much stronger than any “scientific apologetics.” I’d point to Jesus for confidence over any effort of my ministry. That’s just me though.

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Totally and 100 perecent agree! It’s the sine qua non of everything else.

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I don’t think this is an issue. Once the events of early Genesis are pinpointed in human history you’ll find that the interbreeding with Neanderthal was ancient history, as well as the Neanderthal species themselves, by the time Adam was created.

Because Adam was the introduction of free will, nothing that happened before that point was in conflict with God’s will. This is not bestiality.

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