Atheist Defends Human Rights

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Yes, I am a true American. :us: I believe in the ideals of the godless US constitution and work hard to keep Church and state separate.

America has no right to impose its values on any country. However, America can’t ignore gross injustices throughout the world. I am anti-colonialism but for open free trade.

Don’t get me started on slavery. The 3/5ths compromise was abhorrent. Same with Jim Crow laws. I blame southern white evangelical Christians for all of this. The Bible was used to justify slavery from the 1600’s onwards.

Being a descendant of immigrant grandparents, I see the present day immigration issue similarly as it is again southern white evangelical Christians leading the charge against immigration. Same with same sex marriage, LGBT rights, gender issues, abortion, women’s healthcare, human sexuality, birth control. All these issues now have evangelical Christians leading the charge against the expansion of rights and individual control and choice. This is what I mean when I say that secular morality and values have progressed more than Christian values locked to interpretations from a 2000 year old compilation of myths and legends.

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