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We could re word it to an ad hominem strategy which is used often in politics to discredit your opponent but all the same you are invoking:

ad hominem as a strategy to deflect from the substance of the argument. in a way that is directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

We could do all sorts of things, but we’d be wrong. There continues to be lots of scientific criticisms of Behe’s book, there’s no reason to let whoever misleadingly included those statements on the back of his book off the hook for doing so. You want to argue about the science, go to the many threads that exist here where that is already being done.


Can you list the top 3 for me?

No. Go do your own searching.


What would be nice is a sort of overview thread where all the known reviews of Behe’s book are posted, with a list of the different responses written on EN&V. That would make it easier to keep track of the progression in the discussion here too.

Wee have starting point here: Darwin Devolves: The End of Evolution?. I think we would benefit from doing this as a wiki page here:

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I created my own Darwin Devolves folder to keep up with everything. Haha

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For anyone who wants to give it a shot, here is a start: Darwin Devolves - Peaceful Science.

Not necessarily.,933.aspx

And i think Bill meant ad hominid. :wink:

I think we should be careful though to not be seen as questioning Mike Behe’s integrity. The idea is to create an environment here that would encourage him to participate.

No, that is not the case. He has communicated clearly that he has no intention in every participating on a forum. We respect this. We are not inviting him to or insisting that he engage on this forum.

We are inviting him to protect his reputation by publicly correcting his errors. We are inviting him into a real exchange about the science, in the format that would suit him best. He is welcome to propose how he thinks this should be done, and it need not be on the forum.

I very much doubt he could ever “feel comfortable” on a forum. It would subject his ideas to detailed scrutiny. This would not make him comfortable.


But that’s how science is done, albeit via publication rather than via a forum. Anyone who is uncomfortable about having their ideas scrutinised should stay out of the kitchen.


I have little good to say about Behe, but I will concede that he has never been shy about engaging with and responding to his critics. If forums are just not the venue in which he chooses to do that, that is his prerogative.

He has been very shy about engaging with me. Did you see this? Behe, Axe, and Swamidass: Invitation to "Debate" Received!

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Maybe he is getting a bit more cautious over time. :slight_smile:

Actually I think it is theatre. He makes many responses, but his very selective in avoiding the strongest critiques and critics.

Such as Lenski?


Can you provide links to the articles you are keeping on Darwin Devolves.

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