Comments on Gpuccio: Functional Information Methodology

Gpuccio: Leaving aside biological objects (for the moment), there is not one single example in the whole known universe where FI higher than 500 bits arises without any intervention of design

This is a 100% fallacious, completely circular argument. Gpuccio is defining with zero supporting reasons biological life as impossible to be designed, then using his own definition to claim biological life as impossible to be designed.

Indeed Gpuccio’s whole ID FI argument rests on fallacious reasoning.

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Yes you do Bill. You’ve seen such examples dozens of times, like this one.

Unless you “forgot” again.


This is not a functional sequence forming. This is the specific challenge gpuccio is addressing.

Of course it’s a functional sequence. The soft robots have developed the ability to “walk” more and more efficiently as they evolve. Each subsequent generation with increased performance has increased FI.

If you don’t think walking is a function then what exactly is it?


It is not a sequence. DNA is a sequence. Proteins are built with sequences. The english language is built on sequences and so are telephone numbers. They are strings of abstract symbols that create meaning or perform a function.

Gpuccio has made this claim which makes sense. Joe Felsenstein agrees that creating

I respectfully disagree.

That creating what?

What are the evidences for this?

The last time I checked “makes sense to Bill” wasn’t very persuasive scientific evidence.

I respectfully disagree.

If computer code which produces the performance observed in the visual graphics isn’t a sequence then what is it? ID-Creationists have generated twenty years’ worth of rhetoric comparing DNA to computer code.


Watch the video I posted on evolving soft robots. Evolutionary processes create new functional information.


It’s not clear what your it refers to. But if it is the random number generator, then the probability would 2^{-2048}.

Please do not.

If it produces a second sequence what is the chance it will be the same as the first?

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A further comment on this.

A 1024 bit RSA key has usually been assumed to provide about the same security as a 128 bit symmetric encryption key. So a 2048 bit RSA key would provide about the same as a 256 bit symmetric key. Perhaps the appropriate probability is then around 2^{-256}

To get 512 bit equivalent would require a 4096 bit RSA key. And 4096 bit RSA keys are within range of what people can and do use.

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“Theory” does not refer to a mere retrospective explanation, which is what you are trying to do.

In science, the term “theory” refers to a scientific hypothesis whose empirical predictions have a long track record of being correct. Nothing of the sort exists for ID. You might have a hypothesis, but only if it makes clear empirical predictions.

Would you please make an effort to use more accurate terminology?


You have not offered this in the form of a scientific hypothesis, which is mechanistic and makes clear, testable, empirical predictions. It’s just assertions, and as such is not a good foundation for a scientific discussion.


This is important because it is a discussion of what FI really is.

How would you state in the form of a scientific hypothesis a cause of large amounts of new FI appearing at key points in evolutionary history?

Easily, starting with a specific “when.”