Coyne: Behe Misleads Readers on Polar Bears

I am not in contact with him.

I let him know. He will have a more detailed rebuttal out in next couple of days.

Since he has offered no rebuttal whatsoever so far, anything at all would of necessity be “more detailed”.


Amen. Well said!

“Misinformation campaign”/ is this accusation as well founded as your polar bear accusations? YES!!!
I am canadian. i know polar bears. On another blog you said crazy things about this subject and used a crazy paper to back it up.
Polar bears were never witnessed in changing colour. Genes does not document WHEN, HOW, IF this happened as evolutionists profess.
Saying one/pair of polar bears went white, happily in the snow areas, and then selection turned them into a sucessful group and turned thier colour into a genrtic sticky thing is as likely as humans changed colour this way after leaving a original same coloured tribe.
Its just guessing and so questioning Behe on these things is not scientific, as usual in evolutionary biology. Its all hunch, lines of reasoning, and raw data.
You must prove your case before conclusions. jUst like the character accusations you make.

I don’t follow any of this.

You are not the only one. Don’t worry about it.

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Another unsupported accusation!!!

And do we need a Chicago Cubs/Bears fan to know brown bears? @Robert_Byers as usual you are making no sense.

Hi Robert,

I think you would agree that every human shares a common genetic ancestry. This would be true whether you are YEC, evolutionary creationist, ID, whatever Joshua is calling himself recently (sorry, I’m forgetful after midnight), or an atheist who believes in evolution.

I would say that my skin pigmentation is inherited genetically from my parents. I have even seen pictures of my great-grandparents and their families, and they are all very much “white.”

Meanwhile, my African-American friends have a very different skin pigmentation, and they seem to be inheriting it genetically. Likewise for my Asian-American friends, and my Latino friends, etc.

So…everyone has different pigmentation and it is genetically inherited. It varies across groups today, but at a point not too distant in the past all humans had the same pigmentation.

How did we get from that state in the past where every human had the same pigmentation, to the state today where it varies by group and the variances are passed down genetically?



huh? Are you feeling ok?

I’m an American. I know Bald Eagles. Cambridge is actually inviting me to give a lecture on Bald Eagles. They saw I was from America and knew I knew my stuff.


You do realise that Behe is in agreement that selection “turned polar bears white”, right?

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