Daniel Deen: Thank God for Evolution

Looks like @nlents will be a Crosswise speaker this next year. That will be fun to hear about!

Eh… are you sure about that? It’s one thing for you to go, but I’m not sure they’re ready for me to speak. I have a lot more baggage with the community than you do.


I’m sorry but can someone tell me, or give me a link to what this Crosswise is about?

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Never mind, found it!

Maybe not sure. Consider it a prediction. :smile:. If not this year, soon I’m sure. I received an immense amount of positive feedback about your presence and contributions.

We explained Crosswise here: Daniel Deen and Joel Oesch: The Lutheran Voice and Crosswise Institute. See links therein.

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@NLENTS why subject yourself and your family to this?

Ha-Ha. We briefly talked about it at some point during the end of the meetings this past week (1/22/2019). But, @swamidass, nothing is laid down in stone. Once I get off my arse and solidify the dates and IF they work for @NLENTS and IF he is still willing/able to come out, then it may happen!

Perhaps, if we do a session on Christianity in the Public Square at some point, I’ll invite @Patrick out to educate the kids about the law and Christianity. :crazy_face:

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I am not a lawyer. But Andrew Siedel from FFRF is an excellent lawyer on separation of church and state and infringement of religion into education. See FFRF video on Ark Encounter and science education: