Did Intelligent Design Just Miss Its Corona Moment?

Proponents could have demonstrated the apolitical nature of their claim if they had debunked the Chinese lab myth using their methods. Instead, they have doubled down against Darwin.

The COVID-19 pandemic could have been a crowning moment for intelligent design, but instead the crisis has really revealed its ultimate irrelevance. With some U.S. political leaders speculating that the novel coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab, a way to prove whether this claim is true or false would seem to be just what is needed at this time. Intelligent design’s advocates claim that through analysis of the genetic information encoded in the DNA of living species, one can determine whether an organism arose through the process of natural variation and selection or whether it was the product of intentional design by some deliberate creator. Here at last is an opportunity to demonstrate the usefulness of an intelligent design theory in molecular biology without any of the supernatural, legalistic, or culture-war baggage that have embroiled the idea for the past 30 years.

And yet, intelligent design advocates have largely missed the call. Perhaps more importantly, political leaders who supported intelligent design when considering science education issues forgot about it entirely when addressing the pandemic.


Not sure what to make of this article…


Roy was on this back in May.

The point being raised seems valid to me. No other organization on the face of this planet has fixated on the detection of design in the genome, as has the Discovery Institute. This should be right in their wheelhouse.

That they have not even made a peep that they would have a look at resolving the determination of design in the corona virus suggests that even they know they have no methodology which lives up to their vaunted claims.