Enigmatic Rafting Monkeys

rafting is said to happen a lot. actually YEC should be opposed to biogeographic results based on this. i am. this because of limited timeperiods on earth.
Further are examples like close islands that never get rafters. madasgasger is the great example. its close to africa, for YEC its been 4500 years but for others millions of years but they have a trivial unique fauna. nobody much got their after it was separated from africa.
everybody tries to say primates went from Africa to s america, even saying when the continents were closer.
yet YEC should say they just walked over from asia with heaps of creatures, including those to become/already marsupials during post flood warm times and lower sea levels.

Rafting is not needed. just lower sea levels and quick migration of creatures under command of god to fill and multiply. in fact this speed is, i speculate, the origin of marsupialism of otherwise ordinary creatures.

And rafting is something that has been directly observed


I highly recommend this book:


The book I just linked to documents a case where an elephant fell off a ship many many miles off the coast and manages to get back to land.

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Also if you look at many oceanic dispersal events where rafting had to occur, their end location is very consistent with the way the ocean currents would’ve pushed them. You don’t have animals rafting from Eastern Europe around to western Africa…

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They are improbable events. But think about the number of organisms that have lived on earth. The percentage of animals where oceanic dispersal occurred is astronomically low.

How many miles? a few hundred?

This is interesting.However, i am intrigued by you using the phrase - “rafting had to occur”.I think that has more to do with popularity of the idea than anything else. There is no better explanation. Somehow the animals crossed the ocean… so it had to be this way.

Why not just say, this is the best inference from the data… though it is improbable. why the effort to make it plausible?or even inevitable?

Yes… and does it make it probable… or should the approach be that anything is possible… because there are so many animals around… every miracle must have happened atleast once!

I am a little wary of this kind of thinking. It comes across as a little magical to me.

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30 plus miles

They have also been documented island hopping

My point was if it does and has happened it’s a very rare occurrence in the grand scheme of things. Improbable events tend to happen rarely.

Does it in any logical way add credence to the hypothesis that animals can cross oceans across rafts and populate continents?
Most humans can jump a few meters distance. That is not proof that we can jump thousands of meters,
Events that happen over small scales need not happen over large scales.

End of the day, the elephant story is a tool to convince us that amazing things can happen in nature.No one can really prove or falsify that rafting actually happened.

Why not leave it at improbable. Maybe it happened that way… maybe it did not.

Do you feel not having concrete answers to some questions diminishes science? I don’t.

My elephant stories were more in response to @gbrooks9 comment that he heard elephants were great swimmers. I told those stories to let him know he heard right. Wasn’t really about oceanic dispersal. And I’m perfectly fine with no concrete answers. Just because we are curious creatures doesn’t mean nature is going to give us all of her answers.


ok i misunderstood about the elephant story.

This seems relevant:


Very interesting article!

I was wondering about evidence of rafting with this specific event in mind.


Admittedly off topic but Enigmatic Rafting Monkeys would make a great band name. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or just “Rafting Monkeys.”