Evidence for Evolution - Your Elevator Pitch

I do. It’s because the term ‘evolution’ includes common descent by definition. There are just a few main claims of the theory, made famously explicit by Darwin, and common descent is one of them. In fact it is common for people to equate ‘evolution’ with common descent. If your point is that ‘evolution’ in scientific parlance means more than that, then you’re right, but then:

Well, when you say “to me,” I guess you can then say anything you want, but I think this is a pernicious falsehood. Certainly it is wrong to say that this is the “entire point”; that’s like saying that the “entire point” of embryology is that it is “unguided.” It’s true that lots of people think that evolution (and the rest of the cosmos) is “unguided” but that’s not the “entire point” of a vast explanatory framework like evolutionary theory.

I would. To argue otherwise would abuse the English language, for starters.

EDIT: I botched the last sentence, which now reads “I would” and explains why, with the words I had before.