"Evolutionary theorists", the study of the history of life, and practical applications in medical biology

I give up.

Because neither of the things you say here is true. Selection doesn’t produce nested hierarchy, and you don’t have to assume anything is non-functional. And of course you are confusing “non-coding” with “non-functional”, which nobody equates, even though most non-coding regions are indeed non-functional.

If you actually examine the data, that “morphology” tree isn’t based on much and wouldn’t stand up very well to any test of hierarchical structure. In fact it’s just tradition, not based on a rigorous analysis at all. You probably shouldn’t base your ideas on class presentations. Look at the actual scientific publications behind them.

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My point was analyzing and even theorizing about phylogenies is useful to science and adds knowledge that is useful to making medicine. I’m not sure how that’s not clear with the OP and Covid?

Maybe that’s not what you’re even arguing. Idk.


Which means they are the same “kind” in your worldview, correct?