Greg Cootsona: "Mere Science" and Adam's Empty Chair

Tolerance yes. That is a good word to describe some of the character of peace I am seeking. That is part of what I am getting at when I talk about diversity.

This gets to…

I’m going to make this a new topic for longer term engagement. My first response is:

  1. The revolution of Ancient DNA (David Reich’s work is a good primer)

  2. Science and Injustice: Tuskegee, Henrietta Lacks, and segregation: Simulation Science: The Parable of Polygons.

  3. Profiling and Bias in Black Box AI Programs.

  4. The relationships between ancestry, inheritance, and injustice.

  5. Confession, Honesty, and Confidence. Much the work we do here is oriented around this. Though the Scientific Virtues Project has important correlates.

  6. Models for integration that do not depend on agreement.