I need help with language to use in regard to evolution

In a previous post I mentioned that part of the function of polymerases is to create mutations. Here is an interesting paper that led me to that conclusion:

A quick summary for those who don’t know sciencese. They allowed a polymerase to copy DNA using larger and larger bases. As the size of the bases increased there was a reduction in the number of mutations and an increase in enzyme effeciency which indicates that mutations are due to a loose fit between the polymerase and the incoming

If perfect fidelity is advantageous it would seem to me that polymerases would evolve that feature, but they haven’t. Instead, the active site is just loose enough to allow for mutations. Of course, this is in E. coli so it may not apply to all other species, but it is an interesting finding.

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I think the drift-barrier hypothesis accounts for this. It is not that polymerases are actually somehow selected to cause mutations, but rather improving their replication fidelity beyond a certain point would require unrealistically enormous population sizes because the fitness gains from reducing the mutational load when the mutation rates are already so low would be effectively invisible to selection.

I’m not “sharing everything I know.”

I’m just heading off attempts to insert teleology where there’s no evidence to support doing so.

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@AJRoberts, and all of us here, are allowed to insert teleology everywhere … “design by God” is one of the foundation stones of this site.

This is not the same thing as saying Science can see this teleology. In fact, I’m convinced that only the human heart sees this teleology. Which means, by definition, there will never be “scientific evidence” supporting teleology.

It is not the belief in teleology that is a problem to me and @swamidass.

It is the belief that teleology can be proven that is the problem belief here.

So you’re agreeing with my pointing out that


Yes, technically I agree there is no scientific evidence… but that’s not to say there is no evidence. Nor does it mean @AJRoberts can’t legitimately assert that God guides evolution with a heft slice of teleology. This is one of the places on the internet where she is allowed and encouraged to make observations like that!