In which Eddie & T_aquaticus discuss ID, TE, and naturalism

I do respect Collins, as a geneticist. As an advanced theorist of evolutionary mechanism, however, he knows diddly, and no one active in the field of evolutionary mechanism cares what he thinks. And as a theologian and philosopher, his ideas are kindergarten stuff, really low-level.

And I respect such work. It’s good empirical science. What I don’t respect is the BS style of argument you use in your off-hours, arguing on websites about evolutionary theory, which is not your specialty. I couldn’t care less what you think about evolutionary mechanisms. If I want to know about those, I will consult those who work full-time in that field, not some other kind of biologist who thinks he knows lots about evolution merely because he’s a biologist.

No, because every one of those men has shown a much wider range of intellectual concern, and much more capacity for broader intellectual reflection, than the technical specialists I was referring to.