Intelligent design and "design detection"

I see you changed your post and added this new qualifier after I responded to it. Suddenly this new and never before seen qualification has been added(I could not find the idea in any of Gpuccio’s posts on the 500 bits stuff that it has to be “from an unrelated state”). Moving the goalposts in an ad-hoc fashion are we?

Edit: Here’s Gpuccio saying he would infer design for a sufficient amount of changes in a single protein:

Okay, then explain the difference between a related and an unrelated state? By chance, any two randomly generated DNA sequences are expected to have 25% sequence similarity on average(5% for protein sequences). Is an unrelated state supposed to be one that has zero sequence similarity (to some arbitrarily decided distant ancestor)? Does it become a “related state” as soon as the similarity between two sequences rises above 0?