Is PS Against Using Scientific Arguments as Evidence for God's Existence?

That’s easy enough to answer. Certain people, for 150 years or so, have been claiming that “science has disproved religion” or “science has disproved the Bible” or “science has disproved God” or the like. Some of these people have been scientists of an atheist/materialist bent; others have been journalists, propagandists for various political agendas, etc. The trope has been widespread in our culture. In recent years, the New Atheists (some of them scientists) have renewed the refrain.

So if anyone can show that science has not shown these things, that person, by negating those claims, has taken away the psychological barrier to religion for some people. Many people for a century now have really wanted to believe in what religious faith offers, but have been told that only scientifically uneducated people could believe in religious claims, and have been intimidated by that. So anything that takes such claims off the table is beneficial for religious belief.