Ken Keathley: How High Are The Stakes?

And yet Tim Keller and BB Warfield have both been included in EC at times.

A quick search on BioLogos for Warfield gets:

And for Tim Keller:

While some at BioLogos (Haarsma, in particular) seem to disagree with Keller on historical Adam, others seem to agree with him (Kathryn Applegate) so I have a hard time seeing him as being outside of the Evolutionary Creation tent altogether. While BioLogos is not the same thing as EC, they are the largest organization promoting it. He’s done videos for BioLogos, they list his books as good resources, he’s not written about in a negative way on their website, so it’s really hard for me to to say “he’s definitely not an EC”. I haven’t seen anywhere where he said he was leaving that camp or didn’t want to be associated with that label, but I’m open for more information.

I think the question is, perhaps, are EC and OEC starting to merge?