Leisola: Cited to Attack Darwin Devolves, Study Devolves on Close Inspection

@Wayne_Rossiter, the article includes this quote:

But biologist Wayne Rossiter emailed with a note about the 2012 Näsvall paper. “For those who weren’t aware, the 2012 study mentioned in the review (reference 11) was… debunked by Matti Leisola (and his co-author Jonathan Witt) in his wonderful book, Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design . It’s a must have for anyone’s ID library.”

Are you saying that the ENV article is citing you incorrectly here?

This is not a drive by on you. I’m here to engage. As for using your name, we just found out that that ENV may have inappropriately used your name. Fo this reason, I’ve changed the title now to Leisola, who’s book is quoted.

It isn’t a tarring you, just asking for conversation. I’m sorry it appears that ENV inappropriately used your name. Here are other examples of threads started with someones name:

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This is just how we work.Yes, it is peaceful too. It isn’t meant to put you down, but to include you in the conversation. I can see your frustration though, especially if ENV used your name with permission. If this is the case, I hope you can contact them to fix remove your name from the original article.

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