Mary and the Virgin Conception

It sounds like a very contrived story written to make the whole Messiah story complete. It was written to match up with the norms, values, ethics of the time it was written in. I have no problem with it being a nice story of it’s day. But when it is projected to 2018, it doesn’t sound good at all. The story today is used to indoctrinate girls to be “Mary” like. Stay a virgin until your Prince Charming comes for you.

@Patrick , you’re missing what’s missing if you’re perspective is true.
Mary is approached directly by the angel; her father is not consulted first. Mary gives her consent, without even inquiring of her betrothed husband first.
This is all very unexpected in a male-dominated heirarchical society, and the sub-lesson is not to be lost.
Each man, woman, and child has the right to choose as they will with regards to God’s requests. He models what He expects us to notice and follow.
Mary is willing, as an individual, to take on the risks of following God in this matter.
I’ll assert, at this point, that that takes more bravery than you’re willing to admit. So be it.

Ok, so Mary was the first feminist. Ok, I can accept that interpretation.