New Insight Into Possible Origins of Life: For the First Time Researchers

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What is this mysterious “it” which we supposedly believe?

As far as I can tell, this entire thread has to do with you reading far too much into what scientists say.

From my way of looking at it, the scientists are exploring possibilities. But you instead seem to see them as forming beliefs.


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Just read the rest of the post from which you quote.

No. They’re just fitting data to the theory. To quote the paper, “These results support the capability of molecular replicators to spontaneously develop complexity through Darwinian evolution, a critical step for the emergence of life.” Everything they did copied from things that are already part of life, and yet they claim it has relevance to the emergence of life. I don’t think they have demonstrated that.

Thanks! You too.

What theory?

There is no accepted theory of how life originated.

I can agree with that quote. But notice that they are not claiming that this explains the origin of life. They are only looking at it as a possible way of filling one of the remaining gaps.

You are again reading too much into what the scientists say. They are well aware that they have not yet explained the origin of life.