On Distinguishing Science from Non-Science

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The impossibility—and the necessity—of distinguishing science from nonscience.


Yes, we often talk about the demarcation problem here. There is sometimes a blurry line. Blur in the line, however, is not a valid argument against a line. Have you head of Sorites paradox?

Just because we can’t provide a firm indisputable line between a heap of sand and single grain, that does not mean “heaps” do not exist. Likewise, just because we can’t provide an ethical rule that cleanly separates all good actions from evil actions, does not prove that good and evil are myths. In the same way, difficulty in providing a line between science and non-science does not mean the distinction is not meaningful.

Also, in regards to methodological naturalism, I’ve already put forward that The Creator-Creation Distinction - #2 by swamidass provides a good rule.

All the same, Scott Lilienfields advice is helpful too:

These concerns are going to come up soon with Clinton Ohler, when we explore Clinton Ohlers: Two Parables on Divine Action. This will be fun.

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