Peace Be With You

Thanks for the note @Patrick.

Yes, I do have evidence. Here is my summary:

But listen to Dr. Gary Habermas talk about the minimal facts approach:

Dr. NT Wright takes a historian’s perspective:

The thing is that there is just a massive amount of evidence, much more than I can share briefly with you. Its almost as if an intelligence beyond our time is revealing Himself to us in history.

The Resurrection is quite a bit like evolution. We have to be careful about misidentifying our personal ignorance of evidence as lack of evidence all together. The two are not the same thing. There is a lot of evidence for evolution, just as there is a lot of evidence for the Resurrection.

This is not merely about Truth though, it is also about affections. Tell me, what do you think of Jesus? Have you had a chance to look at him yet? He is beautiful. He is good.

I certainly do not expect special privileges. I do not expect admiration either.

By confessing my personal understanding, I am opening myself up to being ridiculed by the scientific world. My experience with scientists, however, has been encouraging. Though most my colleagues are atheists, they have treated me with a great deal of respect, and even thanked me for my role in seeking common ground in a fractured society. That is science at its ecumenical best.

Science is meant to be a common ground for all people. I encourage you to continue the conversation. Thanks for joining us at Peaceful Science.