Peace Be With You

Almost two thousand years ago, God made Himself known to all people. In this event, a good God reorders the entire world. He announced Himself to us by raising this man in 1st century Palestine, Jesus, from the dead. He died, was buried, but rose from the dead three days later, leaving an empty tomb and…


Do you have any evidence of your pronouncement? There were about 100 million people living at that time all over the world. Not one written text of anywhere mentions a Jesus rising from the dead. There is no evidence of the events you say took place in 1st Century Palestine actually took place. If you want to believe that they happened go right ahead. However, in an increasingly secular science based society, beliefs without evidence does not warrant special privileges, nor admiration.

Thanks for the note @Patrick.

Yes, I do have evidence. Here is my summary:

But listen to Dr. Gary Habermas talk about the minimal facts approach:

Dr. NT Wright takes a historian’s perspective:

The thing is that there is just a massive amount of evidence, much more than I can share briefly with you. Its almost as if an intelligence beyond our time is revealing Himself to us in history.

The Resurrection is quite a bit like evolution. We have to be careful about misidentifying our personal ignorance of evidence as lack of evidence all together. The two are not the same thing. There is a lot of evidence for evolution, just as there is a lot of evidence for the Resurrection.

This is not merely about Truth though, it is also about affections. Tell me, what do you think of Jesus? Have you had a chance to look at him yet? He is beautiful. He is good.

I certainly do not expect special privileges. I do not expect admiration either.

By confessing my personal understanding, I am opening myself up to being ridiculed by the scientific world. My experience with scientists, however, has been encouraging. Though most my colleagues are atheists, they have treated me with a great deal of respect, and even thanked me for my role in seeking common ground in a fractured society. That is science at its ecumenical best.

Science is meant to be a common ground for all people. I encourage you to continue the conversation. Thanks for joining us at Peaceful Science.


As explained above, there is public evidence of the Resurrection for those who want to see.

There is also an invitation into the evidence of private experience. One important journey for some is to read about Him, open to experience a living presence through that experience. Consider reading the the Book of Luke:, or you could trie Matthew, Mark, or John.

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