Randy Stonehill's Stand In: Jon Garvey

Good to know I wasn’t transgressing any illustrative or apologetic boundaries. :o)

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At that gig the most popular (at that time) UK gospel band, Parchment, were also on the bill - and evidently not in a good mood, probably because they were working full-time for peanuts after their minor UK hit, and I wasn’t.

I tried to quote an early Graham Kendrick lyric in my book (another person I gigged with then), but his wife said the copyright has passed from hand to hand and is now owned by Sony or some other faceless corporation.

These were the days of hair:


Actually, Paul and others biblically employ sarcasm on occasion… Just sayin’ !

Tell it not in Gath, but there is a secret archive.

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Gath needs it more than I do… but, thanks! Friend of mine was the traveling sound engineer for the BeeGees, so zi asked him who was in charge of the blow dryers. “Believe me, brother…” he said, " there was one stashed in almost every case we carried." Days of hair, indeed!

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Another point in not believing: I said I didn’t believe you – to my loss. Being a disbeliever rather inhibits personal relationships. You are a very interesting person and enviably articulate, and I will be glad to get to know you and hear some more stories. (I have fun ones of my own that you might enjoy… but I guess you’d have to believe me, wouldn’t you. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Yeah, maybe he did use some sarcasm, and possibly Jesus too, to the Pharisees. In general though, we do have a mandate to avoid mockery – it’s not a seat we want to be sitting in.

Jimmy Page

Jon Garvey

Just sayin’… :slight_smile:


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Nobody has suggested that makes it “intrinsically false.” However, it makes the assertion intrinsically unreliable.

There was just a wee bit of irony in that, and you took it literalisticly.

The ones who disbelieve true stories are the ones who lose out.

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Well, I suppose there is a point to this. But I don’t see it.

If somebody makes a claim or assertion which makes no difference at all to my life, then there is no reason for me to question that claim. The easiest path is to accept the claim, but then forget it.

If somebody makes a claim such that believing that claim would completely transform my life, then of course I should question it and require more evidence that a mere hearsay report.

Perhaps you are asserting that the claimed resurrection of Jesus should make no difference to anybody’s life. And if that’s your point, I’ll admit that it is an interesting one.

Maybe the point is more about being childlike before Father (what he wants) than about being a denialist (what you want). The former get to know him and the latter don’t. (Little children don’t demand a chain of custody and notary seals. That is hardly to say that we should be gullible.)

Physical evidence!

@John_Dalton … or is it??



I have heard people say Jimmy Page is God.

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Hahaha… I’ve heard that too. He’s definitely the man. And I sure hope Jon Garvey is him!


Is this what you had in mind?


Actually not a huge Zeppelin fan. But this guitar has a long story too…


Or deep fake…


Good point. When will you be able to present yourself for confirmation?

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I met Josh in Cambridge last month. But that’s what he thinks, as I actually sent a local Jimmy Page impersonator.