Randy Stonehill's Stand In: Jon Garvey

@John_Dalton … or is it??



I have heard people say Jimmy Page is God.

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Hahaha… I’ve heard that too. He’s definitely the man. And I sure hope Jon Garvey is him!


Is this what you had in mind?


Actually not a huge Zeppelin fan. But this guitar has a long story too…


Or deep fake…


Good point. When will you be able to present yourself for confirmation?

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I met Josh in Cambridge last month. But that’s what he thinks, as I actually sent a local Jimmy Page impersonator.


The imposter sent an impersonator? Say it ain’t so!! :o)

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At least I didn’t send Randy Stonehill. What does he know about Cambridge?


All he needs to! As does Mister Rogers… :o)

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Who is Randy Stonehill?

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He’s an early contemporary Christian music artist:


Awesome story, by the way, Jon!

…And Jon Garvey impersonator extraordinaire.

Did I ever tell you i went to school with Jean-Jacques Burnel from the Stranglers?

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“Whatever happened…
…To Leo Trotsky?
… He got an ice pick…
… That made his ears burn…”

Oh my… No, you did not… a tale of alternate paths, I’m guessing?

“Something better CHANGE.”

I sat next to him in French, which since he was half French probably did my O-level result no harm. Good bass player (but not back then - that was Lucian Camp, who became a successful business consultant after playing bass in … The Wombles). Never realised John had gone punk until I saw him on TV - I was a humble surgeon by then.

Another bass player (with Christian connection) who was at the school for a while was Andy Piercy, bass/singer with After the Fire and later worship leader at Holy Trinity Brompton, home of the Alpha Course.

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